We’re Back!

We are back online!

We took Casey back to Morgan’s Wonderland on Friday. She had a good time. We took her nurse, Emily, with us this time. We also made it just a day trip. The weather turned out to be wonderful. It was a fun day.

Emily took Casey down a slide. We learned very quickly that Casey does not like slides. We will not be doing that again. Her favorite part of the park is still the water exhibit. The picture is her watching one part of it.

Emily is on her honeymoon/destination wedding this week. She will be back next week for a few days then start her new job in December. We had a new nurse come out on Tuesday. She was nice, but we have decided to keep looking. There was another one scheduled to come out yesterday. She canceled last minute though. As of right now we are just waiting. As soon as they find a good candidate they will send her/him over. It could be days, weeks, or longer.

The good news is that with night nurses at least I can get some sleep so I can better handle taking care of all of Casey’s stuff alone. The hardest part is getting her to and from appointments. My sister took off today to help me get Casey to a full day of stuff.

We started the day off with an appointment with the wound clinic. I am VERY happy to say that Casey is finally done. Her ear wound has closed up and looks better. There is a bad scar, but the wound is healed. We will do some scar massage and see if we can get it to go down some too. Her OT made Casey a special pillow that we can use to keep the pressure off moving forward. We will pick it up next week.

I think my sister actually had fun spending the day with us. Casey did really good with everything. Megan had not been in the car with Casey since our trip from LA. She was surprised at how much the chair, and repositioning has helped with travel. It is still difficult, but so much better.

Lots of family is coming in next week for Thanksgiving. We are looking forward to spending some time with everyone. I am still in shock that it is already Thanksgiving though. This year has flown by.

That’s about it for now. We hope everyone has a fun and safe holiday. We will keep you posted on our nurse hunt 🙂

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