What’s new with Baby Barnes

It has been a while since my last post, where should I begin?

Tim and I had a quiet New Years, we just stayed home and had our sparkling grape juice and watched the ball drop. It was rainy in LA, so even if we had wanted to go out there wasn’t much happening.

Visit from Mom
My mom came into town for a long weekend 1/12-1/15. It was nice having her here. We went and got our hair done, then had a full day of shopping. She helped me pick out lots of really cute stuff for the nursery. We had a good time.

Getting the Nursery Ready
One of our biggest challenges is making room for the baby. We have been cleaning out the spare room so that we can bring in the crib, changing tables, glider, etc. I think we have finally sold the last big item (hopefully they will pick it up this weekend) then we can start loading the room. I can’t wait to see it all put together. I have it all picked out, it’s just a matter of having a place to put it now. I am getting closer 🙂

Trip to Chicago
Last weekend Tim and I made a quick trip to Chicago. We have to get all our travels in soon before I am too big to fly. We stayed in Chicago on Friday and met up with Ken, Jen, Craig & Patty for dinner. Then after dinner we caught Super Diamond at House of Blues.

Saturday we got up and headed to Indiana. We stayed with Ken & Jen & the girls. We spent all day looking around the area, then came back to the house around dinner. Jen had planned a surprise baby shower for us at the house. I had no idea. It was so sweet of her to do that with Tim’s mom and her mom. We got all kinds of great stuff for the baby. Baby stuff is just so CUTE!!! I love all the little clothes and toys. And, of course, there was a cake,; a very yummy cake!

We got back late last night. Tim had to take a call with his group in India so it was a late night. After we finally got to bed, there were power issues at my office so I got called and had to work for a while around 3:30-4:00 am. When the alarm went off this morning Tim and I totally slept through it. Whoops :S

Coming Soon…
We have our next appointment on 2/10. After that we go to appointments every 2 weeks. I don’t expect any major appointments like the 3D one we had last month, I think the rest are just quick checks to be sure everything is on schedule.

Tim and I are headed to check out Austin places 2/18-2/20. While we are there Megan is throwing me a shower. I can’t wait to see all my family girl friends. The shower will be lots of fun. We hope to have the nursery set up before we leave for Austin.

I will post more when I have the nursery pictures, or updates on the status of the baby.

I need everyone to comment with their predictions
Delivery Date?
Size (weight & length)?

I have a baby book that has a section for everyone’s guesses. Maybe I can think of some cool prize for who ever guesses the closest. I will have to come up with something 🙂

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