Where Does the Time Go?

April has kind of flashed past us this year. Casey started school 4/1 and has been busy since.

On the 16th we took Casey to the Walk and Roll that Texas Parent to Parent and OI hosted in Round Rock. She had a lot of fun. She got to see lots of her friends. There was a little walk, then the kids got to hunt for Easter eggs. It was kind of cool. They hung some of the eggs on string from the trees so that the wheel chair kids could see and reach them. Casey lasted nearly 2 hours. That seems to be her cut off point. She does great, then instantly is ready to be home. Not go home, but BE home.

Last week we were part of the pre-recorded interviews for Radiothon. It was fun. I got to go to the radio station and tell them about Casey and our experiences with Dell Children’s. They invited us to come back and do the live interviews on 5/19-5/20. We will have to just wait and see how our schedule looks.

Tim’s mom and brother came in late Wednesday. Casey got to show her grandma how she does flips in the pool Thursday. Then Friday we all went to Morgan’s Wonderland.

Saturday Casey turned 5!!! She had some of her friends over for a princess party. They all made tiaras. I think everyone had a really good time. We kept the party short. Casey hit her 2 hour limit just as things were winding down.

On Sunday my family joined the rest of us for Easter and a family birthday party for Casey. It was a nice time. Good food, and good company. Casey is starting to get to a point that she gets excited about presents now. Her Aunt Megan opened them while I held her up to see them. She would get very excited as Megan showed them to her. It was pretty cute.

On Monday Casey showed her grandma her new classroom. Then Tim’s mom and brother had to head to the airport. It was a busy, busy birthday weekend.

This week Casey starts her doctor rounds. She saw her pediatrician this morning for her 5 year check. We see ortho tomorrow. Then over the next month we see the rest of them. Casey woke up with a low grade temperature and early signs of an ear infection this morning. We will have to keep an eye on that over the next few days. Her doctor took a culture while we were there this morning.

I will post some pictures from this weekend and last later today (or tomorrow). Until then, we hope everyone is well.

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