Wow, it’s been a month already….

Things are finally getting back to normal. Casey has been really busy, but all good stuff. Tim is feeling a lot better and has been back working for a little while now. He started his PT a couple of weeks ago and is doing really good.

Casey has her eye appointment a few weeks back. Overall it went really well. They suggested that we start vision therapy twice a week. They did say that she can see. We have some exercises to do to try and get her to start blinking. The therapy will help her focus and make sense of what she is seeing. I should get the report this week then pass it on to the regional center. If all goes smooth we should start her therapy early October.

Casey went in for a hearing test. They suggested that we try hearing aids. They can’t be sure if they will help, but figured it was worth at least trying. They said her tubes appeared out and that she had some fluid in her ears so they referred us to ENT as well. Surprisingly I was able to get a next day appointment with ENT. Her previous ENT we really liked, but she was out on maternity leave. In her place we saw another doctor that was not a child ENT. I was not crazy about him at all. When I got home I told Tim and we decided to get a second opinion. We took Casey into an ENT at Children’s hospital this morning. We are feeling much better now. He confirmed the tubes had come out. They were still in the canal, but they were no longer placed in the drum. One was pretty far out so he removed it completely. He is going to try and get her scheduled for having them redone at the same time as her foot surgery. It would be great if she could get them both done at the same time. The less sedation we have to put her under the better.

While we were waiting for the second opinion ENT we went ahead and moved forward with the hearing aids. They were able to get her in right away. She really did not like having the molds in her ears to get the impressions. Luckily it was just a few minutes in each ear. They make very kid friendly aids now. She was able to get pink ones, and the inner ear part is a sparkly pink. They are so cute. So far we have not noticed a huge difference, but it has only been a little more than a week.

Casey’s original PT came back from maternity leave just as her temporary one started her maternity leave. The timing worked out perfectly. Casey was really funny when Yvette came back. She has not seen her in 6 months, but she definitely remembered her. She acted all shy and hid her face at first. Casey is NEVER shy, so I have no idea what that was all about.

We have a GI appointment next week. Casey is nearly 20 pounds now. I am sure the GI team is going to be very impressed. We have a few other appointments over the next few weeks to get everything ready for her surgery. Just a little bit longer and her feet will be fixed. I am not looking forward to be in the hospital, but I am looking forward to her getting her feet back. I think it is going to make a huge difference.

Casey is going to Cranial twice a week now, and we have OT once a week now. With the twice a week vision therapy starting up soon she is going to be a really busy girl. We are hoping to get OT increased to twice a week as well. Thankfully a lot of the therapies come to us.

Other than medical/therapy news we have been pretty busy too. Casey loves the pool so Tim found one for her that we could put up on the roof. It has a filter and cover and everything. He is still getting it all set up, but she has gone in a few times. She loves the water.

Tim took a very short (less than 24 hours) trip back to Chicago. He was able to get in and surprise one of his brothers at the Chicago tri. He had a really good time, and Ken was very surprised. Hopefully next year he can do the race with him.

I was able to take a day off last weekend. It was really nice. I had a massage, haircut, did some shopping and tanned. I missed Casey a ton, and decided to go home a little early. It is always nice to get a little time for myself.

In family news, my mom is getting married. She announced yesterday that they have set a date. They will be getting married March 8th in St. Thomas. Congrats to them both!

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