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Casey had a fun and busy Saturday.  She started with an Easter egg hunt at the local accessible playground.  She missed it last year since she was in the hospital for her surgery.  She went the year before and had a great time.  It was pretty chilly and windy Saturday, but she wanted to go.  We wrapped her up and she got to see lots of her little friends.  She did great for about an hour.  Then it was obvious the wind was getting to her.  We keep her sunglasses on since she can’t blink, and we had her ears wrapped in her scarf.  Even with precautions it was just a little too much for her.  Luckily she had already said hi to her friends, taken a picture with the Easter bunny and found her eggs.  As soon as we got her in the car she calmed down.

Waiting for her turn to find some eggs

Casey & Mom at the egg hunt

Casey with the Easter Bunny

We went home and she and daddy both crashed for a little while.  I woke them up to head back out to see Casey’s great grandpa.  The assisted living facility where he lives was having a kite festival.  She loves to go see her great grandpa.  All of the staff there are always so excited to see her and she just eats it up.  There was a ventriloquist doing his act when we got there as well as a bunch of dogs from the local humane society all barking and going crazy.  The noise from the dogs was a bit much so Casey and Daddy went to sit on the bench and watch the kites while I stayed with Great Grandpa (GP) and watched the show.  After a little while GP and I went and joined Casey and Tim on the outskirts and watched the kids and staff flying their kites.  It was such a pretty day and by this time the wind was gone so Casey was able to sit and just enjoy the outdoors.  It didn’t help the kites much, but it did make it much more enjoyable for Casey. 

GP watching the show

Casey, GP and Daddy watching the kites

We just got back from dance and Casey is getting really excited for the upcoming recital.  They practice their routine a few times each class and she loves it.  I can not wait.  She did such a great job last year.

We have some good news/bad news updates on the latest nursing issues.  One of our existing night nurses wants to get some extra hours/shifts over the next couple of weeks and she has offered to pick up this Thursday as well as Thursday, Friday and Saturday next week.  The bad news is that she is wanting extra hours because she has to have surgery after that and will be out for a few weeks.  Hopefully our agency will find us a good candidate before she has to leave and we can have the new nurse cover some of her shifts while she will be out too.  I am hopeful that things will fall into place.  Having next weekend covered makes me feel a lot better.

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