Half Way

We complete our 20th HBO session at 2:30 today. They told us that around 20 is when we should expect to start seeing changes. We have been able to increase Casey’s food, and she has become much more vocal in the past few weeks. It’s possible those are due to HBO. We have noticed in the past few days that she is more responsive to oral stimulation. We will post more as we notice any additional changes over the rest of her sessions.

We had a GI appointment on Wednesday. Casey has finally started gaining weight again and is at 13 pounds now. We changed her meds again. They added Milk of Magnesia once a day to try and help with the chronic constipation. So far so good. Hopefully this will continue to work for her. She is so much happier when she is not backed up.

Tim and I had a respit date last night. We grabbed a quick bite and a show. Both were good. When we returned home Cathleen told us that Casey had a poopy diaper and then crashed. She stayed asleep for most of the night. She gets so worn out after a good BM.

Theresa (Tim’s mom aka Grandma Barnes) was in town last weekend. She and Casey had lots of cuddle time. Casey loves to cuddle. Casey was a bit fussy on one of the days she was here. Casey is just now getting over her cold, and didn’t sleep much the day before, so on Saturday she was a bit cranky. Other than that she had a really good weekend. She nuzzled up to Grandma right away.

My mom (aka Cappy) will be here for Thanksgiving. She has not been here since Casey came home from the hospital. I think she is really looking forward to having Casey at home so she can hold her and cuddle as much as she wants.

For any family members on the Stockton-Creel side, Megan and Molly drew names for Christmas. Megan will be sending out an email with the list so everyone knows who they have. Also, anyone with little ones, be sure to reply all to her list with sizes, interests, etc for the kidos. I can’t believe Christmas is already around the corner. It really snuck up on me this year. They have Santa come by the clinic so I will be sure to get a picture of Casey with Santa as soon as he gets there.

I hope everyone is doing well. Have a great Thanksgiving, and eat lots of pumpkin pie 🙂

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