Here Comes Santa Clause

Casey finally got to see Santa today. We took her to the annual Jr. Blind Holiday party. Normally Stevie Wonder shows up and sings for the kids, but he was not there this year. The party was really big, lots of people there. We were able to meet some of the people that helped us get things set up over the phone, and Casey saw her Vision Therapist.

We started the day with our usual Saturday PT session. Casey worked really hard. After her session we got dressed and tried to take a family picture for our holiday cards.

By the time we got to the party Casey was so tired. When Tim was parking Casey dropped her head down and stayed asleep for a good portion of the party. She took a picture with Santa, but she had no idea. She did wake up (barley) in time to see the people she knew and listen to some Christmas music. While she was sleeping we made her an ornament for the tree with her name on it.

On our way home Casey was sporting her diva shades. She slept pretty much the whole way. She had a full day and is resting with Daddy.

Separate news, we have been looking online and Megan has been going to a few houses for us. A realtor Megan was working with took her to some places this week. We really liked one of the houses, and luckily it was still available. We were approved as renters Thursday night. We just signed the lease. We had a hard time deciding between North and South Austin. Most of our friends are in South Austin, but the hospital is in North. We ended up picking North. We figured it would be easier for Casey. We are so excited to be on our way. Less than a month now 🙂

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