Halloween Prep

Casey had to miss the trunk-or-treat yesterday.  We were really hoping she would be up for going, but she was having another rough day.  Trunk-or-Treat is something that I heard a lot about last year.  It can be any group of people/businesses that get together and line up their cars.  They all have treats in the trunks and instead of going door-to-door, kids just walk (or roll) down the street and stop at each trunk.  I heard a lot of friends talking about their churches doing them last year.  The Seton Williamson County hospital offered one yesterday for kids with special needs and their siblings.  We were so sad to miss it.  Hopefully they will do it again next year.

We did finally get Casey to decide on her costume.  She is going to be a fairy, again.  This seems to be her go to costume choice.  This year she is a punk rock rainbow fairy.  It’s actually really cute.  The kids are supposed to wear their costumes to dance this week so we got it just in time.


While on the subject of Halloween and trick-or-treating, I want to remind all of you about a program Tim and I started a few years back.  We recently merged our efforts with Mommies of Miracles, and we are hosting the program there now.  The program is simple, and EVERYONE can participate.  You do not need to have a child with special needs, or any children for that matter.  If you plan on handing out treats on Halloween, you can participate.  By adding (you can keep candy too- this is not an anti-candy thing) a non-food item (not a healthy food, but a non-food item) to your treats you make trick-or-treating a fun option for ALL kids.  It is really that simple.  On our site we offer a decal.  If you print out this decal and hang it on your home, trick-or-treaters will know that you offer non-food treats.  We also have a registration system that will allow you to register your address (we don’t need email, phone or even your name- just an address).  People can check the map for registered homes nearby to better plan their routes.  For little ones that can only do a few houses, this is very helpful.  We also offer a brochure that you can download and print to help spread the word.  Hang the brochure up at work, school, church, etc to let other know how easy they too can make a difference this year.  You can email your friends and family the program link. If you are on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, etc please be sure to share the link there too.

We are counting on all of you to not only participate, but to help us spread the word as well.  We have found that most people really do care and want to help kids like Casey.  They just need to know how.  This is a simple way that everyone can make a BIG difference for kids all over.  This is not local, this is everywhere and growing every year.  Thanks for your help, we appreciate it, as does Casey and all of the other kids like her out there that get to participate in Halloween fun thanks to YOU!

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