Line in, wiggle worm, grandmas

Casey had her arm IVs and umbilical line removed and they put in what called a PICC line, which will stay there for the remainder of her stay in ICU (they are telling us at this point most likely 1 month). It threads from her upper arm to just above her heart. It’s safer for moving her around and is less prone to infection. They have to xray before and after to make sure it was threaded perfectly, so we weren’t able to be there for the procedure, but the nurses said she did great.

Besides the PICC, she still has a nasal canula for adding oxygen and a little tube from that goes from her nose to her stomach. It’s just used to vent stomach air right now, but will be used soon for feeding. The feeding tube is just until her gag reflex develops, which is needed before she can feed through her mouth. They still have Marty pumping is preparation and are storing her milk in NICU. Until they start using the feeding tube with mom’s milk, they are feeding Casey a synthetic cocktail through IV. When they start mom’s milk, they will do 1/2 to 1 cc and then take a series of xrays to check that her digestive system is working as expected. If everything looks good, they will increase milk and ween her off the synthetics.

Yesterday Casey wiggled and whined a lot when having her temperature taken and when they were doing physical therapy with her legs. This is the most response she has shown since before her seizures and is very encouraging. We took some books that we read to her during the last trimester before we went to bed. She definitely responds to our voices when we read these and I think her favorite book is “I Love You All the Time.”

Marty is recovering well at home now. She is able to make it up our stairs and is doing remarkable considering her condition just 1 week ago today. It’s great to be just a few blocks from the hospital. Right now we still drive and are trying to figure out a good schedule for visiting Casey, but when Marty is recovered more, we will be able to just walk over there any time day or night.

Marty’s mom was here from Austin for the last few days, and my mom and my brother Ken and his wife Jen are coming in today from Chicagoland. Marty’s mom brought a teddy bear that they let us leave in with Casey, and grandma was able to hold her grandaughter for a while. It’s has been so great to have so many family and friends helping during this time for us.

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