So last week Tim was in India for work. While he was gone Casey and I were pretty busy. On Monday we interview 2 new nurses. Then Tuesday Casey’s old nurse (Laura) came over to play so I could get out of the house a little while Tim was gone. Then Wednesday I started training on of Casey’s 2 nurses. She came Wed-Fri. Today I started training the other. They both seem really good. They have been doing home nursing for a while and have a lot of pediatric experience as well as experience with severe cases. Casey seems to like them.

Tim got back late Friday night. I am so glad he is back. I know he needs to go from time to time, but things are a little crazy over there right now. Luckily the area he was in was not near the focus of the attacks. Casey was really happy to see him. She tried so hard to wait up for him. About 5 minutes before he walked in the door she crashed. Poor baby, she really tried hard. The next morning she got to spend lots of time snuggling so that mad up for it.
Casey has a GI appointment in the morning. This will be here new nurses first car trip. Hopefully Casey is good. I am sure she will get weighed and all of that good stuff tomorrow. Her last weight was 27 pounds. I am guessing she is at least 28 by now.
We have a pulmonary appointment next week. This will be her other nurses first car trip. We will be having one nurse on Mondays then the other will be here Tuesdays & Wednesdays. It will be nice to get on a schedule with them. I will be able to get more house work, grocery shopping, and maybe even some exercise done.
I will post more soon with updates on Casey’s appointments. As always we hope everyone is doing well.
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