Telling Work

Shortly before we found out, there was a very interesting rumor going around my office. Apparently the company was considering opening a second office in Austin. This was interesting before, but after the baby this sounded ideal. Tim and I are both very close to our families and want very much for our children to grow up knowing all of their aunts and uncles and grandparents, etc. When we saw an opportunity to make this happen we decided to pursue it very seriously.

The rumor was that most likely Austin, TX, but as a backup Chicago, IL was also a possibility. How perfect. My family is in Austin Tim’s is in Chicago. Either way, this sounded like a great idea to us. There was just one problem. My company had not committed to either location, or to a timeline. Tim and I decided it was better to go ahead and speak with our managers sooner rather than later. We wanted to let them know that we are interesting in the relocation (to either city) and to let them know why it is very important to us. Not only that, but since I will be taking some time off, I figured a heads up would be nice. Luckily Tim’s company has offices everywhere, and his manager was very open to the transfer idea.

When I talked with my manager, we talked about a couple of options. First is to wait for the second office and then go if it is Austin or Chicago. Second would be to go to a small satellite office (already open) in Chicago in the VERY near future. Being that the second office could be anywhere from 6 months to 24 months down the road, the satellite office seemed like a good idea. Unfortunately, that request was denied 🙁 I have been approved to move to the second office once it opens though, so that’s good. Now we just have to wait and see where and when the move will happen. The sooner the better, but we really have no idea yet.

Tim and I are already planning on buying as soon as we move. We have started saving now, and are planning trips to both cities (before I get too big) to check out neighborhoods and builders and all that good stuff. We figured the first year we will be traveling some to see family, and that a lot of our families will probably make it to LA as well, so it won’t be too bad to wait.

I really like Santa Monica. Living here has been really good for me (and Tim) personally, professionally, physically, in so many ways. As much as I like it here though, I have to admit that I am very excited about being back home (mine or Tim’s).

Now we just wait…..

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