Up to 32!!!

Casey has had a pretty good week. She LOVES Valentine’s Day. She was so excited to make her Valentine at school on Monday. When I was getting her dressed Tuesday I asked her if she was going to bring it home that day and she was so excited. Her nurses that worked that day brought in Valentines for her too. She was loving it. An entire day devoted to pink, purple and hearts. It was a Casey kind of day for sure.

On Wednesday she had a GI appointment. Nothing major, just a follow-up. She is up to 32 pounds now. That is a pretty big deal. She just hung out while the doctor was checking her out. She did really well. After we got home the weather was a little cruddy and she started to have a hard time, but once she went to be she seemed okay.

Yesterday she got to go swimming and the weather was beautiful. We had a bit of a hard time with her bath, but other than that it was a great day. I won’t go into a ton of detail, but her bath chair at home became unavailable about 10 minutes before we had to head to the pool. So, we packed the bath stuff and decided we would just give her a bath at the pool before heading home. Turns out the hand shower at the pool was also unavailable. Ugh!!!! I had to stand between her and the overhead shower while her nurse filled buckets to wash & rinse her off. The shower chair wasn’t working right either there. She was not happy. Poor thing just yelled the entire time. She was very happy to be home when we finally got back. It made for a long afternoon.

The weather is nasty outside today. Casey’s having a rough day with lots of drainage. Her nurse has been suctioning non-stop today. We took Casey to therapy this morning. She tried to work, but was having such a bad day. She is hanging out watching movies now (refusing to nap). I don’t know if it is just a 5 year-old thing or what, but she fights naps with everything she has. She is miserable, grumpy, and in dire need of a nap – but she refuses to take one.

Next week is pretty busy. Lots of annual reviews all somehow landed on the calendar for next week. It will be a long week, but then we will be done for another year. We hope that everyone is doing well. Have a great weekend.

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