2 Weeks Old

Casey is 2 weeks old today 🙂 Tim and I picked out a few little shirts for her this weekend, and she looks so cute in them. She is not quite big enough for new born clothes, but preemie fits her perfectly. We found a store near our house that has some really cute stuff for her.

Tim has talked to a few other doctors at other hospitals just to be sure that there is not something that they would be doing that our hospital is not. We are getting the same response from everyone, just wait. It’s really hard to wait, and some days are better than others.

We expect to have some more tests run later this week, but nothing is scheduled yet.

Casey had a hard time breathing Saturday morning so they put her back on the nasal canula. Since they started the oxygen back up she has been doing a lot better with her saturation. They have been backing the oxygen off gradually and she has been able to maintain a healthy saturation level, so hopefully they will be able to remove the canula soon.

The doctors also stopped her feedings on Saturday morning. As we increased the feedings from 1cc up to 10cc (gradually over many days) she started to spit up around 6cc. She would not spit up with every feeding, but she spit up a few times. On Saturday morning they did an x-ray and saw that she had aspirated on some of the spit up. Until her lungs can clear out the fluid they will hold off on the feedings. They are checking her lungs daily to see when the fluid is gone. Once the fluid is cleared out they can start the feedings again. They expect it to be a few days.

Casey was feeling bad on for a few days (most likely due to the aspiration), but today was a much better day. Her fever was gone, and she was not nearly as stiff as she had been. I think she is feeling a lot better today.

We got to give Casey her bath tonight and read her a story. We will post more later this week unless we have an update to post sooner.

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