Busy Busy Girl

What a week Casey has had. She had therapy on Monday. A doctor appointment followed by labs on Tuesday. PT followed by water therapy Wednesday. A play date on Thursday. 2 therapies on Friday. Family came in on Saturday for a family party (delayed Mother’s Day and my sister and my birthdays).

Casey’s cousin, Riley came in with her Aunt Molly from Fort Worth. Riley is 4 and they have a lot of fun together. Her Cappy and John stayed over so her Aunt Megan came back today so we could all have brunch together too.

I have got one tired little girl. I think she had a really fun week. She just got finished with her bath. Afterward I gave her her nightly medicine and she is crashed on the couch. Poor little party girl, she wore herself completely out.

Not a whole lot going on this week. Just therapies (including water therapy). I think we will rest up over the next couple of weeks. We have to start getting ready for her ear tubes and Botox coming up on June 12th. As always, we hope everyone is doing well.

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