Poor Casey

Last night around 12:30 I noticed some red spots on Casey’s shoulder. I was worried that something had bit her so I grabbed a flash light to take a closer look. I did not want to turn on the overhead light since she was asleep. When I started looking with the flashlight I noticed the red marks were not just on her shoulders, but her entire chest, thighs, shoulders and neck were all covered in red whelps. It looked awful. I woke Tim up and we covered her eyes so we could turn on the big light. It just looked so bad. She never woke up, but something was wrong. We checked her vitals (heart rate, oxygen saturation, temperature, etc). Everything looked good, except her skin.

I gave her some Benadryl (one of the few advantages of the G-Tube is you can feed/medicate without having to wake up the baby). After about 30 minutes the whelps were gone.

All day today Casey has been so fussy. She spiked a little fever around lunch. With some Tylenol the fever came back down. She just was so upset all day. We even had to cancel her water therapy today. I hate having to cancel things she loves. Around 4 we were running out of ideas. We decided to give her a bath a little early. Maybe the bath would calm her down a little. After we got her stripped down her nurse noticed a spot on her back. It looks like something did bite her last night. There was 1 big and 2 small areas that I think are bite marks. After her bath we put some Cortizone on the bites. She finally started to chill out. Poor thing. I think her back must have been itchy and bothering her all day.

I have no idea what got her. We were in bed next to her and we were both fine. I just changed the sheets and could not find anything there. We have seen the occasional spider but that’s really about it. We have a treatment done every couple of months to be sure that we don’t have anything, and when we do see spiders we have them come out right away. I really have no idea what bit her. It doesn’t seem infected or bad today. She just had a weird reaction to it last night. The itch cream seems to be all she wanted.

Maybe next week we can get her in for an extra pool trip. We will have to see what we can do.

That’s about it for now. As always, we hope everyone is doing well.

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