Busy Week

Casey had a very busy week. Last week during water therapy we noticed her left toe was all red and swollen. We could not tell if it was an ingrown toe nail or a pressure sore. Over the weekend it got a little better, but not fully. Over the weekend we noticed her left ear (the cholesteoma) was draining a lot. Between the toe and the ear we knew we had to see a few doctors this week.

Tuesday we packed everything up for the day and started with the podiatrist. I was a little leery since there are no pediatric podiatrist in town. We needed to get Casey’s toe checked though so we used the doctor her pediatrician recommended. He was so nice, and very gentle with Casey. He said it is hard to tell for sure, the redness could be either of our concerns. Since it was getting a little better we were to just stay the course. You can still see some pink today, but for the most part I think it is better.

Next we had Casey’s annual eye exam. Last year we noticed a weird area in Casey’s right eye. The doctor said it was from being too dry. We treated over the past year and it looked the same if not worse. So we talked about it some more with the doctor. Casey sleeps with her eyes open fairly often. In order to try and maximize moisture she is sleeping with an eye patch now. The doctor gave us a hot pink one. I have to say, Casey is the cutest pirate ever. She doesn’t seem to mind it either. Casey also ordered new glasses. She has been on a purple kick. She got pink & purple princess glasses. They should be in later this month.

After lunch and OT Casey had an appointment with ENT. Sure enough the drainage was an indication of infection. The doctor cleaned out her ear and sent us home with some drops. Casey has had these drops before. They always seem to kick in pretty quick.

On Friday we took Casey in to get her AFO’s readjusted in case they were part of the toe issue. When we were making our way across the parking lot her orthopedic doctor saw us. He came over to say hi and check up on Casey. Casey’s right ankle has dropped some and he was a bit concerned. Good news though. Later that day Casey’s PT brought her a foot drop splint. We have been putting it on for a few hours, off for a few since Friday. Already her ankle looks much better.

This week is spring break. Casey will still have all her therapies up at the hospital, but no school therapies this week. I am sure she will find plenty of fun stuff to fill her free time. On that note, there is some school news to report as well. I think I will do a separate post for all of those details.

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