First Day of School

Casey started back to school today. She had a great day. Her teacher met us at the car and started with a tour of the school. Last year Casey went straight to her classroom so she never really saw anything else. She LOVED the library. Her teacher is going to find a time when Casey can go back and check out some princess stories. After the library Casey visited the gym. There was a class listening to the coach give instructions. When Casey noticed the class she yelled, loud, as if she were saying “Hi guys, I’m here!” It was pretty cute.

After the tour Casey made it to her classroom. The sensory area was ready. Officially the sensory area, unofficially it is called the princess tent. There are a lot of special tools that light up, and respond to sound and motion that are great for keeping Casey’s attention. The school put up a black out tent around a corner of the room. The top of the tent is actually a parachute with neon yellow stars. Then, in order for it to not just be a boring black tent, Casey’s teacher wrapped it in sparkly fabric. The sparkles are princess approved 🙂

Casey had fun being inside the tent. She really likes the stars on the roof. She was able to spend some time in the tent and fully check things out. She was making me laugh the entire time I was there. She kept making her happy sounds every time she saw something new. I think it is safe to say Casey loves school. She is such a good student, and she works so hard while she is there.

While we were doing the tour there was a little girl (may 7-8 years-old) that came out of her way to tell Casey how pretty she looked. It was so sweet. The camo outfit that Casey wanted to badly came in on Friday. She was able to wear it on her first day afterall. I am sure the little girl telling her how pretty she looked in it only made Casey love the camo even more. Who knew Casey would like camo?

After we got home Casey was exhausted. She took a good nap. I think she is excited for a new school year. She will be going back tomorrow for another adventure.

We hope everyone is doing well. Have a great school year to all the school kiddos out there.

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