Gone but not Forgotten

Yesterday was a very hard day for our family.  Casey’s great grandma, Evelyn Creel, was laid to rest.  She was 86 years old and the best grandma (mom, aunt, friend, wife, great grandma, etc) that you could ever ask for.  I have so many wonderful memories of her over the years.  She and I were very close.  She loved Casey with her entire heart as well. 

About a year ago they moved into assisted living just a few blocks from our home.  Partly they moved so that I could help get them to and from appointments and things, but mainly they moved to be able to be closer and spend more time with Casey.  I know she will watch over Casey now and that gives me a little peace. 

I could go on all day about how much she was loved (is loved) and how much we will all miss her, but I think instead I will keep this post short and keep those memories for myself to cherish when I find myself missing her.  Thank you to all that offered your support, prayers, and love to all of us (especially her) over the past week and half.  It has been hard, but all of the support from family and friends has helped us through it. 

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