Halloween Party

We LOVE Halloween and decided that this year we wanted to throw a little party.  The party was so much fun.  Casey had a blast.  Everyone wore costumes, and I have to say I was really impressed with how great all of our friends costumes were.  We had trophies for the best group, kid and adult costumes and everyone voted.  It was close since there were so many good ones.  Our winners were Princess Zelda for the kid category, Morticia Addams for the adult category, and the group went to a family that all dressed as characters from Alice in Wonderland.  We had pirates, vampires, pigs, mermaids and all kinds of great costumes at the party. 

We hired a babysitter to help keep the kids safe and entertained (and to keep the house safe too).  That was a FANTASTIC idea!  The kids had so much fun playing with her and the adults were able to enjoy themselves as well.  We will definitely have another party next year, and we are already looking forward to it.

Casey had a great weekend.  She was able to tolerate being in her costume and in her chair for most of the party.  She was so happy sitting on the patio and hanging out with her friends.  When we took her to bed I pulled her out of her chair and laid her down.  I noticed that at some point someone put a fake eyeball in her hand.  She was so proud and held on to it until she was all tucked in.  She now has a fake eyeball next to her bed 🙂  It doesn’t match the fairy decor, but it makes her happy so it can stay.

She is looking forward to visiting all of her doctors on Friday to pass out treats and tell them thank you for another year of all of their hard work.  Last year after making the rounds she was wiped out.  If she is up for it this year there is a block party in our neighborhood and some of our neighbors invited her to trick-or-treat with them.  Hopefully she is up for some stuff, but we just never know until the moment comes. 

Here are some party pictures, and we will post more after Friday’s activities.

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