Holiday Fun

Last weekend Casey had a really fun day.  She was working on her gingerbread house that she was really excited to do when some friends from the neighborhood stopped by.  She loves to hang out with all her girl friends.  They helped her decorate the house.  Casey had a great time.

Later some other friends came by.  While they were here they all made ornaments with letters to Santa.  The ornaments came out really cute.  After crafting they all sang along with Casey’s karaoke machine.  They put on quite the show.
This weekend Casey had a lot of fun too. I was busy with a special project with Mommies of Miracles.  While I was gone she and Daddy had a great time.  They played guitar, snuggled, watched movies and pretty much did everything Casey wanted to do.

This coming weekend she has some fun stuff planned.  Hopefully she has a good week and maybe we can finally get that family Christmas picture.
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