Moving Forward

Casey had a good night. They started her on what is called BiPap. This machine is designed to force pressure into her lungs on every breath. She started this yesterday (2 hours on 4 off). In addition she was getting VERY aggressive breathing treatments.

This morning they came to take the usual morning xray. All of the doctors, nurses, therapists, etc came by to tell us how happy they are. Casey made a lot of progress last night. They feel that her left lung has finally opened back up. They actually compared it to some old xrays she had taken a while back and say that this current one looks better than her previous baseline. Yah!!! We were hoping for some good news today.

Casey is still getting te BiPap (3 hours on and 3 hours off now). They have relaxed a little on the breathing treatments. I imagine that if tomorrows xray looks good they will start to back off on BiPap as well.

Shortly before lunch Casey went to have her PIC line IV repaired. They did not have to poke her again, but they did have to do quite a bit of work. She was gone for about an hour and a half. She did really good. Her nurse and respiratory therapist went with her (we were not allowed). Now that Casey’s PIC is in the correct spot she can started getting her nutrition again. She has been on maintenance fluids for the past couple of days.

Tomorrow she is scheduled to have an Upper GI with bowel trace done. This is the first in a few test that we will be doing to get a better picture for the way we need to approach/correct the pain and feeding issues.

We will try to post more tomorrow after the PIC. Thanks again for everyone’s kind words, thoughts & prayers. Keep them coming 🙂

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