New Car Seat

Casey is growing so fast. We finally moved from the baby car seat to the forward facing seat. She is SOOOO much happier. She will actually chill out and sleep in her new seat. She is able to use the DVD player now too. Her and Tim watched one of her videos on her first trip in the new seat. They seemed to be having a good time. We had a pretty busy past few weeks. Casey saw her ortho and we have scheduled her foot surgery for October 2nd. We will have the surgery at Children’s and her normal ortho will be the one doing the surgery. He has done more of these surgeries than other ortho’s in the area and seems very confident that Casey will do well with it. I am sure it will be hard for the first few weeks after with pain and the cast, but once she recovers I know she will be so much happier. She wants to roll over so bad right now. Casey also met with her GI team. She has not been refluxing on her new food so we were able to get the GI team to say we can hold off on the repeat GI surgery. We will do another upper GI in September, but for now we don’t have to worry about it. Casey is nearly 19 pounds now and growing like a little weed. Her teeth and hair are really coming in now too. She has been off the chart for size for so long and at her last appointment she has finally made it back on. She is on the bottom of it, but she is on it.

Tim has been doing much better too. He is going back to work tomorrow. We have been going on walks and getting out to run errands almost every day. He and Casey are both really tired by the end of the day.
Tim and Casey both have a few more doctor appointments this week. Casey’s nurse is coming over on Thursday so we can go out for Tim’s birthday. Other than that we are just trying to get back to normal.
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