New Glasses

Casey went and picked up her new glasses today. They are so cute. I knew they were Disney Princess glasses, but I did not realize they are Belle glasses. Belle is one of Casey’s FAVORITE princesses. They are a dark purplish color with a pink inside. They have little flowers etched in and some bling in the middle of the flowers. Very Casey. Instead of a standard glasses case, they came in a little pink purse.

She was so funny. When we got to the office she knew she was there to get something special. She perked right up as we wheeled her to the fitting table. The adjustment guy showed her the mirror then let her watch as he fitted them.

When he got them on and moved his hand so she could get a good look she made everyone in the store smile. As soon as she saw them she let out a very loud, very happy sound. I think she approves.

The lighting on the picture I took makes them look black. They are purple, and super girly. We will let her pick out a new outfit next week for her first day of school. She is going to be so cute. What am I saying, she already is so cute. She is going to somehow be even cuter though going to school like a big girl 🙂

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