New Ortho

Last week we went to an orthopedic doctor here in Austin. Happily I am reporting that we really liked him and his team. It will be much easier to go up the street instead of all the way to Houston. Not to mention, with him here he is in the same group as her other doctors and they all work together. Tim was working so Casey went with Laura and I. It was a really long morning, but a good morning.

Casey has been pretty fussy lately. Nights have been pretty tough. During her bath we check her ears really well. There is a lot of wax deep in her ears and it looks like one ear tube may be coming out. I am calling her ENT today to see if we can get in and have it all checked out. I am worried that if the one is coming out it may be hurting her and the source of her fussiness. I know last time the tubes came out she had a really hard time with it. The only bad part is that if it is coming out there is a strong possibility it will have to be redone. That means anesthesia and our first real interaction with the hospital. The ‘H” word always makes us nervous.

Tim has a bunch of vacation at work and has gotten into a use it or loose it situation. He has decided to take this week and next off. His to-do list has been growing ever since he mentioned taking time off. I think after the 2 weeks he may be wiped out 😛

Casey has been doing really well with her new stander. She wears her shoes in it. Since her 12 hours in the shoes is mostly at night we have been doing stander time in the morning before we take her shoes off. In the morning we get up, do her bolus (medicines and stuff) then depending on the day we may give her an hour or so with food. Today we went to the stander first. She spends a good 15 minutes at 25 degrees. Later this week we will move up to 30-35 degrees and each week will go up a little more. Casey has been doing 2 hours in her Theratog each day too. Then with her chair time, nap time, snuggle time, and play time her day is pretty full.

She is watching her Seasame Street now. I personally like Cookie Monster, but she seems to be more into Elmo. I will post more later after we talk with her ENT. As always we hope everyone is well.

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