New York Times

New York TimesYep, you read that right, Casey is in the New York Times this week. The NYT has a photo journalism blog called The Lens that features different photo essays on all types of topics. The photographer that has been around for the past year or so has been working with us and a few other families on a piece about pediatric palliative care. This is a project we were so excited and honored to be included. Palliative care helps us in so many ways. Without them I am not sure where we would be today. They help us manage many aspects of Casey’s life and helped us to focus on quality of life and what that really means to us and more importantly, to Casey.

When you open the link to the article, if you click on the first/main photo it will lead to a 20 photo series. Casey is number 6-16. I love that the photos show her doing some of the things she loves; dancing, swinging and girl scouts. Some additional photos can be found here:

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