Our orthotics appointment went really well. The specialists really worked with Casey a lot and had some great ideas. She is writing up some recommendations, then we just have to get scripts from our pediatrician and then we will be set. One of the main things she wants us to try is called theratogs (http://www.theratogs.com/howitworks.html). Its basically a body wrap that will help mold Casey into better positions. We are also going to be getting some new hand splints and toys that we can use to help stimulate Casey. Overall it was a very good trip. We really like the specialists and she was really good with Casey. In addition to gear she showed us some new positions and exercises to try.

We have an appointment with Casey’s pediatrician next week so we will get the scripts then and hopefully have the gear in the next week or two. Casey really worked hard today and is sleeping like a little angel now.

Yesterday Casey met with her neuro. We have not been real happy with the neuro, and after yesterday we decided we are going to change. We have a recommendation for one that works with kids like Casey. I am going to call and see about getting moved over as soon as possible. We got a new med yesterday. This new med is supposed to help with Casey’s tightness. They said her GI slowness (and frequent constipation) may also be due to tightness. Hopefully this new med will help. We just started it yesterday, so as of now we haven’t seen a noticeable difference.

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