Out of intensive care

Casey is getting much stronger, and was taken off the ventilator and moved out of the intensive care unit. Over the last couple days, she has had an upper GI test so surgery can decide what types of procedures they recommend and how urgently they should be scheduled, since another pneumonia from reflux/aspiration would be devastating. Casey also had an EEG done, as they had to switch her seizure medication while in the ICU, and she is showing some small signs indicating the phenobarbital is not working as effectively as the valproic acid. Based on the results, we may need to switch her seizure medicine again. All 3 of her leg IVs were taken out over the last few days, so she is down to just the one central line in her upper right arm.

Now that we are in a normal room, things are much more comfortable – Casey is in a big bed and we are able to lay next to her, which makes her feel better. Even the nurses have commented on how much better her stats look when Marty is next to her. We hope there are not too many more tests and we will have a plan in the next couple days. In the meantime, Casey can just focus on getting stronger.

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