Party, Party, Party

Casey had a lot of fun at her party yesterday. We had a really good turn out. Lots of her and our friends were able to come by for at least a little while. Casey really perked up and liked having everyone sing happy birthday to her. The weather was perfect. Many of the kidos hung out in the backyard playing or in Casey’s playroom. I think everyone had a good time.

This morning Casey had so many new clothes to pick from. I think it will be months before she goes through them all. Thank goodness too, she was out of clothes. With the weather getting warmer all of the clothes we had were either from last summer and did not fit at all, or were from the winter and just too hot to wear. That is not a problem anymore. She got lots of really cute stuff yesterday. Thank you to everyone.

After the party Casey was so tired. We had some people come by last night to watch UFC with us and Casey crashed before the fights got going. She slept almost all night with out waking at all. Poor little princess just wore herself out partying so hard.

We posted some of the pictures (see the link on Photos) for anyone that wants to see them.

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