Casey has had a pretty fun weekend so far; definitely a great start to her Christmas break.  Last night we went over to some friends for our monthly game night.  The kids drew names for Christmas presents and it was early enough in the day that we decided to take Casey with us.  Usually she stays home with her nurse, but she was so excited to go to her friends’ house for a Christmas party.  She was having a great time just being around her friends.  Then, to make it even better, she got a present full of ‘My Little Pony’ stuff.  By the time she got home and to bed to she was wiped out. 

This morning Santa came through the neighborhood on the back of a firetruck.  We expected him around 10 this morning.  After Casey’s morning medicine and routine we got dressed and then headed to the garage.  She invited a few friends from the neighborhood to come over and wait for Santa with her, and while we were outside a few other neighbors along the street came and joined us as well.  Santa’s 10AM arrival ended up closer to 1PM, but we all had a great time waiting.  We made some cocoa (it was a little chilly here today) and the kids all had a great time playing together.  We ended up ordering pizza for lunch too since everyone was getting hungry.  We can not say enough how happy we are to have moved to this neighborhood.  Days like today when we get to spend time with our wonderful neighbors just remind us how much we love it here.  Casey especially, she is just one of the girls here with her friends. 

Here are a few pictures from today.  Casey had so much fun.  I love that the fire department does this for the kids.

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