I am very happy to report that we are HOME! Casey did amazing. They were able to place the tube in the right ear. I was really worried it was going to become another cholesteotoma. The doctor cleaned out the left ear’s cholesteotoma and said that in general it is doing pretty well. We still have to get it cleaned often, but we do not need to start looking into a major reconstruction surgery.

The dentist was going to get some images and do some cleaning. However, we found out that in order to do that Casey would have to be intubated. That was a deal breaker. We decided to cancel that part of the day. Her teeth are doing okay, and we can do with out the images for now. Intubation just adds so many extra risk.

Anesthesia did an amazing job. They were prepared, they listened, and they got us back to our princess as quick as possible. The entire experience today was positive.

When we got to Casey she was still asleep. We sat and waited and a few minutes later she was up and ready to go. After she woke up they gave her some tylenal and had us get her dressed.

Casey was excited to be home. As soon as we got her back to her favorite spot on the couch she started making her happy sounds. She has doctor’s order to just rest today (I need those orders). I don’t think any of us will have a problem with a nice quiet weekend.

Thank you all for your thoughts and prayers. We really appreciate all of you. Have a wonderful weekend, now that we are home I know that we will 🙂

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