We Are Getting There

Casey has been having such a rough time lately, but I am happy to report that the past few weeks have been showing improvements. We are still very short handed (day and night nurses). It is better than it was, and we are still hopeful that we will get our full schedule back in place in the near future. We are slowly but surely getting there.

Casey is finally breathing a little better. She still needs oxygen frequently, but she went a long while where she needed it around the clock. We’re not 100% back to where she was, and I don’t know that we ever will be, but she is much more comfortable and able to enjoy some things again. She was able to get in the pool recently, swing, she went to dance, girl scouts, and even the library at her school. This weekend she has a Halloween party planned with her friends. We are so happy to see her doing some fun stuff- FINALLY!!!

The library at her school was a special treat. Casey LOVES books and her teacher that comes to the house set it up so that once a month (as long as she is up for it) Casey can go up and check out books and meet some of her school mates. This time some of her friends from the neighborhood were in the library when we arrived. Casey got a little nervous before we go there, so having some familiar faces greet her at the door and help her find some books was a HUGE help.






Casey is planning on visiting most of her doctors next week, her Halloween tradition. Most of the expect her and look forward to her visit. Tim took off next week so that he can go with us. Thank goodness he took off, it looks like I don’t have a nurse that day to help out.

We are meeting new nurses and trying to find someone to fill in our open shifts soon. I will post in the next week or so with pictures from her party, doctor visits and Halloween. Hopefully I will also post a positive update on nursing- fingers crossed.