A Little Bragging…

I have said it before and I will say it many times over, I am a very lucky girl. Not only do I get to be Casey’s mom- that on it’s own puts me in a class of lucky all on it’s own. But, I also have a pretty great husband. I have shown a few of his projects over the years, and he recently finished one that I LOVE!!!!

Our house is full of medical supplies. Some of these will always be out and visible, and that’s fine. However, a lot of these supplies don’t have to be “out” all the time. I got so frustrated when every time I entered the living room all I could see was a bookshelf over flowing in supplies.

We needed a new entertainment center, so Tim built an amazing unit that can serve as both an entertainment center, but also a medical supply storage unit. There are doors that hide sections of the unit so that we can still have everything organized and handy, but not visible. Instead I get to see this beautiful piece of furniture now.

A lot of his projects start out one way and get tweaked along the design stages (for what can be done, what makes the most sense, how we want to use it, etc). This piece is one of the first that actually stayed true throughout. It is exactly what I pictured and I really love it.

The man does good work! Next up we have a project for Casey’s room. It may take a little while since it kind of has a lot of variables. I’ll post more about it later. Maybe we can win the powerball this week and he can retire and make furniture full time. That would be pretty fantastic!