Ventilator off, sunbathing

Casey finally got her ventilator tube taken out this morning and is stable. They are still giving her oxygen though a nasal canula. If she remains stable today they will schedule a CT end of the day or tomorrow morning.

She is definitely much happier without the tube in her throat. She is wiggling her toes and stretches her arms a little bit now. Her legs aren’t as stiff today as they were the last couple days due to seizures. The nurses continue to do range of motion exercises with her to keep her as loose as possible.

They have her under a special light since she developed some jaundiced common with pre-term babies. This is why she has the mask on her face and her feet have been getting cold, which is why she has on the flower slippers, or maybe she just takes after her mom’s fashion sense 🙂 Posted by Picasa

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