0.5 years old

Casey’s first week of hyperbaric oxygen treatment went pretty smooth. Marty and Casey are going every morning from 8-9am Monday-Friday for 7 more weeks. The doctor’s say that most people who see improvements don’t see anything for the first couple weeks. So far we haven’t seen any changes, but Casey is tolerating the treatments well and we are hopefuly we will see something in the next couple weeks.

I got to go to one of the hyperbaric sessions this week and took some video of Marty and Casey in the chamber – you can have a look in our video gallery here.

Casey also went for her SPECT scan on Monday (which was also her 6 month birthday!). The doctors were running way behind so by the time she was done she was very hungry. Marty did a “gravity” feed without the pump and Casey took 30cc in just a few minutes, which normally she can’t take in a full hour. They also had a hard time with the IV and had to stick Casey’s hands and feet a lot – they finally wound up putting a line in her neck, which looked much worse than it probably was. By the time everyone got home, Casey was exhausted.

Another round of shots at the pediatrician this week, and mom even got stuck with a flu shot. Because of a shortage, most adults can’t get flu shots around here, but because Casey is high risk, our pediatrician agreed to give us shots. Casey also got measured again and is now 12 lbs, 5 oz and 26 inches.

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