1st Birthday Party

I can’t believe it but our little angel is 1 year old. What a year!!! She is doing really great.

Her botox injections were last week. They said it could be a week or two before we see a difference. So far there is not any major changes. Her left legs seems like it may be loosening up some, but she is not bending just yet.

She has her 1 year appointment on Monday and we see pulmonary on Wednesday. Her genetic appointment went pretty well last week. The doctor was very good and familiar with kids like her. It will be a little while for them to review everything before we know if they feel any of her condition is genetic or if it is all from the brain injury. We are pretty sure it’s all due to injury, but we have to rule everything out.

Casey’s grandmas both came in to celebrate the big day. On Saturday we had her grandmas as well as some friends come over for a little party. Casey seemed to really have a good time. She was very interested in the other babies and showed a lot more interaction than we have seen her do. She was so tired by the end of the day.

Casey loves elephants and stories. She got a bunch of both for gifts as well as a bunch of other great stuff. We really wanted to get her an elephant shaped cake. We shopped around for a while and had pretty much given up and settled for an elephant decorated square cake. In the last week a friend of ours told us about a bakery out near Long Beach (Rossmoor). We called and were able to get them to do exactly what we wanted. The cake turned out great. In addition to the cake they decorated the board it was on to be a jungle theme to go with the elephant. It was sooo cute. We will definitely use them again in the future.

We got up and went to the hotel the next morning to have breakfast with the grandmas before my mom “Cappy” had to head back. Casey slept through most of breakfast, but she did wake up enough to spend a little extra time with Cappy. After the hotel we came back to our house along with Tim’s mom “Grandma Barnes”. The excitement of the weekend really caught up with her by the end of the day Sunday.

Thanks to everyone for helping Casey celebrate her big day, she had a great time.

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