Birthday Girl

Casey turned 4 on Friday. I can not believe she is already 4. The years have really flown by. She had a great birthday. On Friday I told her it was her birthday so she could do what she wanted. She took that very literal. She opted to sleep in. When her nurse tried to get her dressed and ready for therapy she threw a little fit. It was as if she was saying “My mom said I could do what I want! Leave me alone!”.

On Saturday we had some family come over to do a little birthday party and lunch here at the house. She had some raspberry cheesecake ice cream cake (yummy) and a nice time with her party guests. She has finally gotten big enough to understand presents. She was so excited opening her presents.

After her party we took her to her Make-A-Wish interview. Casey is officially going to be a wish kid. We told them all about what she likes and doesn’t like. We talked about her limitations and risks. Then we gave them a few ideas of wishes we think she would enjoy. The volunteers took all of our information. They will do some research and then let us know what and when her wish will happen. I am really excited to see how it goes. I am sure what ever they come up with will be wonderful.

I am waiting for some pictures from my mom. Once I get them I will post pictures of the party and Make-A-Wish. Thank you to everyone for all of the birthday wishes, cards and gifts. She had a really nice birthday and appreciated it all.

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