Aunt Megan’s Visit

Casey’s Aunt Megan visited Santa Monica this weekend and got to see her in person for the first time. We got this cute picture of them both in their University of Texas outfits during Casey’s first Longhorn game. She is still working on her hook’em horns – it looks like more of a Star Trek sign right now but it’s getting there…

Unfortunately, Casey hasn’t been able to increase volume with her new tube like we had hoped. Her reflux was really bad this weekend even with increasing a few cc’s per hour, so we have backed her off to the rate she was at before Wednesday’s procedure. She has her normal Wednesday GI appointment and we will be talking to the doctor’s to figure out what is next. This tells us that her stomach is not the limiter, but she is already maxed out on motility meds, so the question is what more can we do about her slow intestines.

Today Casey is at he Ear Nose Throat specialist at the request of her Audiologist. They will figure out to what extent extra fluid in her sinuses (from not being able to swallow) will affect hearing tests and allow us to move forward with the proper hearing aids.

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