Fun Week

We had a great week. We finally took our first family vacation. We have gone away for a night or two here and there over the past 4 years. However all of our previous trips were medical related. This week we took a trip just for fun.

We took Casey to San Antonio after work on Wednesday. We checked in to the hotel and had a nice relaxing night. Then Thursday morning we got up and got ready for a day of fun. We took Casey to Morgan’s Wonderland. What a great place!

Casey had a great time. She LOVED the water area. She was able to go to a light show, design her own car, she hung out on the playground with other kids, and she ever rode on a carousel. We were on the dragon. We said hello to the elephant on our way off the ride. Casey’s friend, Kennady, met us there with her parents. It was a really fun day for everyone. Casey played so hard she crashed. We will have to plan another day trip out there sometime soon.

The ride home went pretty good. Casey was awake most of the way, but not too fussy. However about 10 minutes before we got to Austin she let us know she was ready to get out of the car. The way down was similar. She slept most of the way there. However, about 10 minutes before our exit she threw up. We had to pull over and clean her up. Her GTube was leaking and making a horrible mess (even worse than usual). When we finally made it to the room we gave Casey her medicine and saw that her tube was still leaking really bad. She was exhausted from a long day and crashed so we just positioned her as well as possible to reduce the leak.

In the morning when we were getting ready Casey’s tube came out. Surprise! The balloon had deflated/popped. I am guessing that was when her tummy got sick and made her throw up. Then over night the remaining water in the balloon drained out. Luckily we had our extra gtube and popped it right in. That explained the increased leaks. Her gtube has been doing much better since we changed it.

On Wednesday morning Casey had to go to the ENT. Her regular ear cleaning appointment was due and her ear had been draining a lot. The doctor checked it out and cleaned it really good. It turned out that Casey had a bit of an ear infection. We have been giving her drops for a few days now. We have to give her drops twice a day for a week then once a day for another week. After that we will go back to get another look. I have already noticed a lot less drainage. I think the drops are helping.

Casey has a couple of appointments over the next few weeks. I will try to post again soon. I will also post some birthday pictures when I get them. As always we hope everyone is well.

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