Book Worm

I don’t have any news to post, just could not resist this picture. Casey has become such a little book worm. She loves to read her stories. She will read for a little while then make noise when she wants someone to change the page for her. Too cute!

Also in this picture is her new bracelet. This is really funny. Tim went to the expo at the race last weekend and stopped at the Croc booth. They were giving out child wrist bands. It’s hard to see details but she is wearing a dark purple Croc sweatband on her wrist. Tim gave it to her while unpacking and she loves it. She won’t let us take it off. Ellie is wearing the other one. I think it is more about Daddy came back after being gone for a few days and gave her a present than it is about the actual bracelet. Regardless, she loves it. She is so silly. Anyway, just wanted to post the cutie reading her book. As always I hope everyone is well 🙂

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