Casey is 3

I think Casey had a good time at her party Saturday. Most of her Texas family made it over and her Grandma Barnes and Uncle Larry came in from Indiana. Most of her therapists and her nurse made it too. It was a really nice turn out.

Casey’s Grandma Barnes and Uncle Larry came in on Thursday and were able to stay until Sunday morning. We had not seen them in a while. They were amazed at how much Casey has grown. I am glad they were able to come in to share Casey’s special day.

We are so sad that all of the ECI therapists are not going to be able to work with Casey anymore. Most of them made it to the party. It was really nice to have a fun day with them at the end of their sessions. I really hope they all stay in touch. I know Casey will miss them a lot (so will we).

All week long Casey practiced singing the birthday song. We would sing it to her and have her chime in when we say her name. At the party she did soooo good. Just like she had practiced. When everyone sang her name she joined right in, and loud. It was so cute. I think everyone stopped singing for a second to praise her.

Casey’s nurse, Maritza, brought her little 10 month old girl. Casey really liked the baby. She just watched her. Everywhere the baby went, Casey watched. We put them on the floor together for a little bit.

Finn, a little friend of Casey’s, was really sweet. He answered the door for us to greet all of Casey’s guests. Then he helped with presents. We did not have a lot of kids this year. We decided to keep the party a little smaller and just had family and Casey’s caregivers. It was a good size. I really think Casey had a great time. She was glad to spend the day with her guests.

We had put 12-4 for the time, but Casey fell asleep a bit after 2. She played so hard that she just wiped herself out. We got finished with cake and saw her starting to get tired. We decided to go ahead and do presents. As soon as we finished we put her down on the couch and she was out in a few minutes. Parties are hard work.

Casey spent the rest of the weekend playing with all her new toys and books and checking out her new clothes. She is such a little diva. She loves clothes.

We are heading to the nursing home tomorrow afternoon for our 24 hour stay. The weather is really nasty right now. I hope that it is nicer tomorrow. I don’t want to have to drive with her in bad weather. We have that tomorrow then an intake (4 hours long!) with MHMR when we get back. The intake is just me. Casey will get to stay home with her nurse. I think that is about it for now. Thanks again for all the birthday wishes from everyone. It is nice to know so many people are thinking about her and wishing her well. As always, we hope all of you are doing well.

Be sure and check the flickr link at the bottom of her Photo page for more birthday pics. As I get them from family I will add to them.

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