Casey Turns 8

Casey has had a fun week celebrating her 8th birthday.  On Wednesday she had to start her day with a trip to see a new specialist.  It was not the best way to start her birthday.  She let her nurse and I know that she had other plans.  After leaving there we had to get xrays which made her even more angry.  Luckily after xrays her day started going her way.  We went to the hospital where she has water therapy.  Since we were early we went and had lunch in the cafeteria.  Even though Casey can not eat, she loves to go out to lunch.  She says hi to everyone she sees and just likes sitting at the table watching people around her.  After lunch she got to go to the pool for water therapy.  She was much happier once she got into the water.  On our way out of therapy she passed her boyfriend in the hall.  That was a treat and boy was she excited.  She started talking as soon as she saw him.  She didn’t need words at all, you could just tell she was telling him how it was her birthday and she was 8 years old now.  It was very cute.  On the way to the car she told ever therapists, scheduler, admin, etc that we passed that it was her birthday.  She knows them all very well so they knew exactly what she was telling them.  She loved having everyone tell her happy birthday as we left the building.

We made our way home, got her into a bath, then waited for music therapy.  Swimming and music on the same day was exactly what she had in mind for her birthday.  She got to sing all of her favorite songs and play all of her favorite instruments. 

The rest of the week she was having a few rough days.  Luckily she perked back up by the weekend and was excited about her party today.  We invited all of her friends from her dance class and a couple of the neighborhood kids that she have become her new friends.  She was so excited all day that she could hardly wait.  When it was time to get dressed and into her chair she was beaming.  She could not wait to see her friends and the pony that was on its way (the same pony she loved so much from my grandpa’s place a little while back).  Her and her friends painted some ‘My Little Pony’ magnets that Tim made, then we all went to the garage to see the real life little pony.  The pony dressed up for the party and everything.  She came in wearing a tutu and had her toe nails wrapped in purple.  She even had a braid in her tail and glitter in her mane.  All the kids loved her.  It got a little hot in the garage and Casey had a dirty diaper so she had to bow out for a little bit.  She had dressed up in a really cute romper with cowgirl boots (slippers that one of her nurses got for her).  When we went in to change her diaper she decided to just wear a tshirt the rest of the party.  I guess it’s her birthday, if she doesn’t want to wear pants she doesn’t have to.  After saying bye to the pony we all made our way back in for singing and cake.  I think everyone had a really nice time.  Casey is wiped out and went right to sleep. 

The pool is coming along.  We had hoped to have it ready by her birthday, but we think it will be ready this week.  We put water in it last night and today.  We will test out all of the equipment tomorrow and get the chemicals balanced.  I can not get Casey into the pool.  She is going to love it.

Here are a few pictures from the party.  Enjoy…




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