Casey’s Wish

What a wonderful day!!! Casey got her wish this afternoon. Make-A-Wish, the US Money Reserve and KVUE teamed up to host ’60 Wishes in 60 Days’. Casey was one of the 60. Her wish came true today when she went to the movies. She got to see Despicable Me. It was so cute.

The movie was shown at Gold Class Cinema. The theaters are top notch. All the chairs are big and recline. They serve great food. It is the first class of movie theaters. The theaters are smaller (only 40 seats), but the movie experience is amazing.

Before the movie they lounge was decorated in all of Casey’s favorite things. She LOVES Nemo. There were fish decorations all over. There were lots of balloons too. Another thing Casey really likes. They passed delicious appetizers and drinks while everyone visited. KVUE did some interviews and got lots of shots of Casey’s friends and family enjoying the day. Casey got a bunch of presents, and stuffed animals. She is curled up in bed with a stuffed ‘Flounder’ now.

There was a wonderful cake made to look like the turtles from ‘Nemo’. Not only did the cake look amazing, but it tasted so good!

After the party everyone made their way to the theater. Casey had her bean bag propped up in a chair so she could see everything and sit comfortably just like at home. There were a few previews that were not animated. She did not care much for them. Once the movie started she was in heaven. She watched very closely and seemed to have a great time.

The theater served lunch while we watched the movie. After lunch they brought around dessert (including the cake I mentioned above). The food and service were outstanding.

After the movie Casey said bye to all of her guest and we made our way home. She brought home lots of the cool fish decorations. She will tell me where to hang them all this week. When we got home Casey started telling her stuffed animals and fish all about her day. When she comes home and talks like that you know she had a fabulous time.

Thank you so much to Make-A-Wish, US Money Reserve, KVUE and Gold Class. Everyone did such a great job. We will never forget today or the joy that it brought to Casey. Also thank you to all of our family and friends that joined us. It means so much to us that so many of you came to share Casey’s day.

We will post a link later this week to KVUE’s coverage of the event. We will also get some pictures uploaded.

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