Ear Nose & Throat

Ear Nose & Throat went really well. The doctor confirmed audiologies guess that Casey has fluid in her ears. We have set up an appointment in October to get tubes put into her ears to help drain the fluid. The really good news is that the fluid may account for some, most or even all of the hearing loss that the hearing test showed. The ENT doctor said the report shows minimal loss and that fluid can account for 20-30% of hearing loss. We won’t know for sure for a little while, but it is possible that Casey will not need hearing aids at all, just the tubes. The doctor said they put the tubes in and they stay in for about a year then fall out on their own. It’s routine and Casey has good canals so the doctor said it should be a quick procedure. The bad side is that she will have to be sedated again and we will have to go back to UCLA out-patient surgery. I am going to request the anesthesiologist we had last time. He was great with Casey. Hopefully we will be able to avoid intubation again.

We have our regular GI appointment tomorrow and a few appointments next week. We will post more as we get more details.

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