Stem Cells – Part I

Well, we are just about loaded up and ready to hit the road. We should be well on our way by 8:PM tonight. We are heading to San Diego for the night, then at 11 tomorrow morning we will be picked up at the hotel and head over the border. We are tentative for a noon injection, but they don’t really stick to close time lines so it may be a while to wait. After we are done we will be brought back to the hotel where we will hang out and then get back to Santa Monica Friday after the morning rush hour ends.

This is Casey’s furthest distance trip as well as first over night. It is a really big deal to all of us and I am sure it will not be easy, but it should be well worth it. We stopped her food a little while ago so that she should have an easier time with reflux in the car. We also medicated her so that she will be a little more relaxed. The trip online looks to be about 2 hours. If we make it in 3 I think we would have done pretty good. Then tomorrow morning they say it is less than an hour from the hotel to the clinic.

We have packed all of Casey’s favorite toys so hopefully she will be happy to hang out at the hotel. We will post details and pictures as soon as we can after returning home. I am sure it will take at least a few days to get Casey back on her schedule so don’t be alarms if we don’t post until later in the week.

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