Family Birthday Celebration

Since Casey is home we decided to have a quiet family celebration for her birthday (and for being home) this weekend.  Tim’s mom and brother Larry came in from Indiana and my mom and John came in from Houston and my sister Megan and grandpa came over.  Casey was pretty out of it for the most part, but she did wake up enough to see her very special My Little Pony cake.  She was able to get a “Dream Cake” through Icing Smiles this year.  The local baker that they used was Piece of Cake out of Georgetown.  She did an AMAZING job.  The cake tasted as good as it looked too.  We gave Casey the cupcake on top.  She enjoyed the icing, then when we got into the cake she was all over the raspberry filling.  She loves her raspberry.

We are working to try and get a better handle on Casey’s medications so that she is at least a little more alert.  She is so out of it most of the time right now.  Tomorrow I need to call and set up 6 follow up appointments and Tim has to call a handful of DME’s to get equipment and medication needs in order.  Luckily Emily (Casey’s nurse) will be here tomorrow so we can get on the phones to get stuff moving.

Casey is doing bipap at night and we are starting to ween her off of the oxygen during the day.  She did a few hours this evening without the oxygen and she did great.  We will try again tomorrow and see if she can go longer.

Here are some pictures from the birthday party- including the awesome cake.  Enjoy!



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