Those Darn Ears

Back in June 2009 Casey went in for routine ear tube surgery. When the ENT got in he found that her left ear had a Cholesteotoma. The doctor put the right tube in and from that point on we had been going in to see ENT every 3 months to have them clean out her left ear. The right tube fell out sometime in 2010 and the doctor has been checking the right ear while we are there to have the left ear cleaned. A few months after the right tube fell out the doctor noticed some negative pressure in the right drum. However, with the extra risk any procedure puts on Casey, he has just been watching it to make sure it does not progress.

Just before Christmas Casey went in to see the ENT. This winter she seems to be getting more ear infections that usual. Ear infections and drainage are pretty common with Cholesteotomas, so we have just been treating them with drops each time. A few weeks ago we noticed her right ear was draining some too and so he took a closer look. We had been able to maintain that right ear’s pressure for quite a while. The pressure has increased this winter enough for him to suggest putting a tube back in the right ear. Here’s where it gets a little tricky- this is what we did in 2009 and we didn’t act quick enough. Between the time he suggested tubes and the time we got Casey in for the procedure, the left ear perforated and advanced to a Cholesteotoma.

We are moving quick this time. Casey is scheduled to get her right tube done on Friday. While she is there the doctor is also going to clean out the left ear really good. He should be able to give us a better idea of how the left ear is doing. We are very hopeful and optimistic that the doctor will be able to get the right tubes placed. There is a chance he will not be able to place it and we will have to start dealing with a Cholesteotoma on that side as well.

Any procedure is scary for any kid, and extra scary for kids with respiratory issues. We will spend lots of time with anesthesia making sure they know what to expect. Casey has had this procedure done at this hospital before and things went very well. Regardless of positive past experiences, we are always a mess until we have her back with us. The ENT knows Casey very well. He is planning to do this with just gas and to avoid an intubation. That is the current plan.

We will try to update late Friday or sometime over the weekend to let everyone know how it went. Please keep Casey in your thoughts and prayers this Friday.

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