Flower Fariy

Laura was here today so we decided to take Casey shopping and let her pick out a Halloween costume. We went to Old Navy first but they didn’t have much. She did not respond to any of them at all. She liked some tee shirts, but none of the costumes. Just down the street (on the way home) there is a huge Halloween Super Store that we ran into. At first she did not respond much at all. We ended up kneeling down and holding her level with all of them and she finally decided on 2 different fairy princess dresses. We gave her a few minutes and she decided on the blue flower fairy. On the way home she was so tired from all the hard shopping that she crashed before we even got on the highway. She slept the entire way home. Shopping is so exhausting.

She has a pulmonary appointment on Monday. It is just a follow up, nothing crazy. We are going to just relax this weekend. Unless we get another surprise visitor 🙂

I have finally heard from my friend near Houston. They were out of power (like everyone else) until last night. My mom said that power is back on at their house too. Now its all about clean up and repairs/replaces.

As always, we hope everyone is doing well.

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