So Saturday we were all sitting around being bums when the phone rang. After Tim got off he told us that his mom was on the phone and she is in town. While everyone else was fleeing Texas due to Ike Theresa came in for a quick visit. Ike left Austin pretty much untouched so she actually picked a perfect time to come. The flights were not full or anything. Casey was being really good while she was here so they got to hang out for a bit. It was a really nice surprise. I did not have the camera out so we do not have any pictures to post. Tim took a couple with his mom’s camera, but none on ours. She came over Saturday afternoon and had to head back early this morning. Hopefully next time (here or there) we will have more time.

I am guessing everyone is expecting Ike updates. I am very happy to say that Ike did not affect Austin much at all. We had a very small shower this morning and that was about it. Sadly, Ike did affect a lot of the Houston and Galveston area. I have not heard from my friends north of Houston, but I have talked to my mom. My mom and John live in a neighborhood that was on the line of forced and voluntary evacuations. The rest of their county was forced out. After securing as much of the house and boats as possible John did finally head inland to stay with his son. My mom was in Aruba for work. She tried to get home to help take care of things bit no flights were coming in at all.

When I spoke with my mom yesterday she said that pretty much everyone is without power and water. No one is able to get back to their houses yet either. Hopefully sometime today or tomorrow John can get back to the house and start putting things back together. Until then we have no idea if they were spared or if they will have to deal with some damages. We will be keeping our fingers crossed that the affect is minimal.

This week is not too crazy. Casey has her usual therapies, but no appointments. Her nurse is here on Thursday. I think we are going to take Casey and let her pick a Halloween costume while her nurse is here. Since Casey is so good at picking out her clothes each day I think she will have fun picking out a costume.

We hope everyone is doing well. I will try to post pictures and more updates soon.

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