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Casey had a full day yesterday. She had a 12:00 appointment to get her thumbs and legs injected with Botox. Before that appointment we had to stop by imaging and get a follow-up chest xray. After Friday’s xray the imaging center called to tell us that they were not happy with the quality of the xray. They told Tim that we needed to come back for another one. Uh, no. We already had plans to get one on Monday and her doctor looked at the Friday one and was able to get what he needed from it. There was no way we were going to drag her back up there.

Monday the center was ready for us. They were really busy so we had to wait a little bit. Once they got us back there they had all the people that needed to look at it come in and check the image. They ended up having to do an extra shot. Happily they signed off and told us the quality was great and we could go.

After xray we went upstairs to neurology for Botox. We got there about 11:45 (a little early). The waiting room was packed. As always, every little boy in the room became Casey’s instant buddy. She is so funny with little boys. They can’t seem to resist her. I told my mom that if she keeps it up Tim and I are in for some big trouble when she gets older. We waited for a VERY long time (over an hour) to see the doctor.

We were able to get just injections, no sedation, this round. No sedation meant that the injections were going to be painful, but the risk of the procedure was overall much safer for Casey. The doctor started with Casey’s thumbs then moved down to her legs. On one hand while the doctor was injecting it Casey swung with the opposite and bopped the doctor in the face. It was kind of funny (no one was hurt). Casey is always escaping. She cried some, but not too bad. She was a really good/big girl. On the way out she got to pick a very well deserved sticker.

Casey ended up crashing around 4-5 yesterday afternoon. The morning’s activities wore her out. She didn’t wake up at all when we took her to bed. Around 4 this morning she woke up. At first I thought it was just because she had been sleeping for so long. She was really upset though. Turned out she was trying to go potty. She got so worked up we ended up getting up to stay. I took the first shift then Tim took over so I could get a couple hours of sleep. After she went potty she calmed down, but she was awake.

I got a call back for Casey’s pulmonologist this afternoon. Her xray looks much better. He doesn’t need her to come back until February. That is GREAT news! She finishes her antibiotic tomorrow. She has been perking up more each day and coughing up less. She is one tough cookie. She has lots going on for the rest of this month. Thanks again for all the well wishes while she was recovering. We hope you are all doing well.

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