Yesterday was a beautiful and heartbreaking day.  Guiliana’s service was yesterday afternoon.  We were able to get Casey’s nurse to come in so that Tim and I could both go to the service.  It was beautiful.  They had a picture slide show that showed so many wonderful special memories through Guili’s 6 years.  Guili’s dad promised her that when the time came he would tell the world how amazing she was.  He did a great job of showing everyone the person she was, not the fragile, sick patient, but the little girl with a heart of gold and feisty attitude.  Guili and Casey were so much alike.  Everything that was said during the service was so relate-able for us.  No one should ever have to bury their child.  The grace that we saw in Guili’s parents was inspiring.  We have a special place in our hearts where we will always hold Guili close.  It’s hard to believe she is not with us anymore.  We will miss you Guili.

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